Paradigm Clinical Research Amazon Lawsuit

paradigm clinical research amazon lawsuit


Now, more than ever, there are many people who would like to grow their understanding of how to better maintain their health through preventative cardiology concepts, health, wellness, and related topics. With this in mind, aims to act as a platform for accessible content valuable for patients, healthcare professionals, and those who are interested in learning more about the healthcare space.

About Paradigm Clinical Research Institute

Founded in 2014, Paradigm Clinical Research Institute is a clinical research consortium based in California that performs ethical clinical trials for a variety of fields within the healthcare sector. Paradigm Clinical Research has become known within the industry as a leading research center containing specialists in fields such as nephrology, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, and Obs/Gyn. Paradigm Clinical Research is currently run by CEO Dr. Ramprasad Dandillaya.

Since its founding, Paradigm Clinical Research has shown its commitment to bettering society and patient health outcomes across fields through ethical research and development. Paradigm Clinical Research upholds that it aims for continuous research progress through keeping sight of its objectives such as contributing to crucial findings in medical research fields, facilitating state of the art healthcare institutions known for their adherence to quality measures, stand as an ethical research leaders, and build teams as well as collaborate with investigators with a reputation for excellence in research within their fields.

Paradigm Clinical Research Institute Explores Qualities of Successful Clinical Research Facilities

paradigm clinical research amazon lawsuit

Contains Experienced Staff

A clinical research facility can only be as good as the professionals responsible for maintaining the site. Paradigm Clinical Research Institute finds that investing in experienced staff is, therefore, one of the most important qualities of successful clinical research facilities. This means that staff should have a clear understanding of the processes involved in clinical research as well as hold extensive knowledge in their field as to properly collaborate with their teams to monitor, examine, and evaluate results. Paradigm Clinical Research Institute maintains that, aside from clinical research, science, and healthcare expertise, it is also important that staff have strong management and interpersonal skills as well. Reason being management skills empower them to take an active role in managing studies whereas interpersonal skills are crucial for collaborating with their teams and facilitating a positive environment for study participants.

Optimized Protocol for Trials

For clinical research facilities to be truly effective, they need to start with protocol that is well-designed and patient-centric. Paradigm Clinical Research Institute finds that optimized study protocol must clearly define study proceedings, identifying the aim of research for the trial, recruitment methods, methods, supporting research, and other important details that teams must manage. One of the main reasons why optimized protocol for trials is crucial is because protocol can have extremely negative impacts on research if not optimally designed from the start. Teams must therefore work to ensure that there are no protocol issues in terms of the study sites, study population, statistical interpretation of data, etc.

paradigm clinical research amazon lawsuit

Invests in Infrastructure

The most successful clinical research facilities know just how important it is to invest enough into infrastructure that empowers them to better conduct, monitor, and evaluate research. Paradigm Clinical Research Institute finds that it is critical for entities to consider all of the moving parts that must be properly invested in to conduct effective trials. For example, clinical research facilities need to ensure that they are investing enough in their staff, training, important tasks, technologies and supporting applications, and other crucial facets of their research. Failure to invest enough and in the right places may result in issues such as protocols not being properly upheld, patient experiences not being maintained, and a variety of other issues that could negatively affect the quality of research performed onsite.

Willingness to Learn and Openness to New Ideas

Paradigm Clinical Research Institute believes that a willingness to continue learning is a valuable trait for any successful clinical research facility. As research professionals it is important to remind ourselves that we do not have all of the answers within our respective fields and that we do not conduct research simply to align with our preconceived notions and support our scientific and healthcare viewpoints. The best research facilities are also constantly working to refine their processes and further their research, never falling victim to complacency within the industry. Paradigm Clinical Research maintains that an openness to new ideas is a trait commonly found in leading research facilities because many practices within the industry are ingrained in professionals simply due to ease of use or habit, and this is a reason why leaders and staff should be mindful of how new ideas push development and innovation.

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